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The New Breed is able to supply live music for any event in the West Midlands due to our flexible line up options, and one of the largest and most finely crafted repertoires of music you will find from any band in the UK. Our current playlist spans 90 years of music from 1920s Jazz through to current indie and pop. The New Breed have performed at over 2,000 events to date which have included weddings, corporate events, festivals, clubs and parties so they are very experienced in the running of a wide range of events. By liasing with you and your venue, we will do our very best to make your evening easy and stress-free.

Lead singer Sophie can perform either solo, as an accoustic duo or trio, or in any combination through to the 5 or 6 piece band. This flexibility means that we can meet all budgets and musical requirements from a large corporate party or wedding, through to a small house party or an intimate restaurant.

The music is carefully chosen for each individual client and event. The New Breed can also theme the sets based around a particular genre of music. Whatever you decide, The New Breed will discuss the set in detail with you. This is a very important part of organising an event and we always involve every client in the song selection process.

Most events require us to perform either 3 x 40 min sets or 2 x 1 hour sets which is our standard playing time. We can of course perform for less time and equally we can perform for longer. This flexibility means that the playing time can be tailored to suit your exact requirements and budget.

We supply all our own equipment plus band lighting on all performances. All that is needed on most events is an electrical supply for us to plug into!

If you do not have a DJ for your event we can also supply iPod background music free of charge through our PA system, saving on the additional cost of a DJ. There is also the option to supply us with your own iPod or mp3 player. This is a very popular choice for weddings and private parties, as your playlist can be personalised to include your favourite songs.

Fronted by award winning vocalist Sophie, Sophie & the Exciters are one of the most versatile bands in the UK. Their repertoire spans from 1920's Jazz & Swing to present day Pop through Soul, Motown & Rock so there really is something for everyone!

The All Sorts are one of the most versatile bands in the UK providing a large repertoire of music ranging from modern Pop/Rock through to Soul, Motown, Jazz and Swing. They can tailor their performance to suit the individual client.

The Setlists are an exciting and dynamic band led by Sophie, with her infectious energy and lively stage presence. The band comprises of all well established full time pro musicians and far from being your average function band. These guys really know their way round their instruments!

Sophie Sings Sophie is an exciting and dynamic award winning singer, with an infectious energy and lively stage presence.

After Eight Minx is a fantastic group whose music is a blend of classic and contemporary Jazz. The Minx can appear dressed in authentic retro vintage atire if the event calls for it! Throw some Blues, Soul and Rock into the mix if you choose to do so and get ready for a pure talent explosion!

Little Miss Behavin is a supremely talented vocalist who has a great deal of experience performing rhythm 'n' blues, jazz & swing. Catering for many events, her songs include Ain't Misbehavin' & Georgia. She appears with a duo through to 6 piece band.

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