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Below is a list of questions we are frequently asked. It is strongly advised you take 5 minutes to read through this as many of your questions are likely to be answered here, helping to make your decisions much easier.
A: We deal with enquiries like this all the time. Having had many years of experience, on many different types of events we are happy to advise, give ideas and make suggestions to help you organise your event.
A: This is very flexible and is organised specifically around your individual needs, making every event completely unique. Our fee is based on us playing up to 2 hours of music. How you split that up is entirely up to you but we generally do 3 x 40 minute sets or 2 x 1 hour sets, with breaks in between. The fee is also based on a midnight finish. If music is required after midnight an extra fee will be required..
A: We will travel nationally and internationally if required for events. Travelling expenses and accommodation may be applicable so contact us for more information.
A: Open air events can be fantastic and we are happy to play outside but would need a suitable area such as a covered stage or marquee/gazebo for example regardless of the time of year. Potential rainfall or sudden weather change needs to be taken into account as we are using a lot of electrical equipment. We will require access to at least two standard power points. Please don't forget to take into account consideration of your neighbours. We find it helps to invite them to the party!
A: If your choice of first dance is suitable for performance, which often depends on the band line-up you have chosen, then we will perform it. If you want to provide a certain version of a song we can learn that too. If it cannot be performed by the band live, then we can play your specific choice through our PA and clients sometimes prefer this option. Some couples will have a choreographed routine worked out so we are always careful to play the same arrangement at the same tempo in a similar style as requested whenever possible.
A: Yes we always involve every client in making an event special and will include where appropriate your choices from our repertoire.
A: This is something that frequently happens. Our huge playlist of songs covering all genres of music can be mixed and matched to cater for all age groups thus keeping everyone happy. We can help you choose what will be appropriate from our experience with many varied events.
A: We offer this service, for one special song. Any extra songs carry a charge but will depend on whether the songs are suitable for the band to perform.
A: Yes we have full £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, and all equipment is annually P.A.T tested.
A: Our quote includes us being available for up to 1½ hours before our performance. We like to allow approx 1 hour for the 'get in', PA set up and sound check. We will always run through a few numbers to fully balance the sound to the venue prior to each performance. Therefore, it is important that you account for this in your schedule. We will need to make some noise albeit it of short duration!
A: If we are available, yes. However an extra fee will always be applicable for a very early arrival.
A: We normally liase with the DJ so that he plays in between our sets at times to suit you and ensure continuous music as required.
A: Simple - At no extra cost to you we provide recorded music in between sets. Some clients prefer to provide their own ipod which can be run through our PA system, and we find this is becoming more and more popular with clients who prefer to choose their own music and thus save the added expense of hiring a DJ.
A: Yes and we frequently get asked this. As an example we can provide solo piano or an accoustic duo during a wedding ceremony or a corporate dinner, followed by the full band in the evening. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to discuss the options with you.
A: We are completely self contained and bring all the electrical equipment and instruments with us. We also provide our own band lighting. Other lighting effects can be provided at extra cost.
A: Not at all. We are happy to perform at floor level. A stage would need to be a minimum of 5 metres x 2.5 metres to safely accommodate a 5/6 piece band.
A: The standard 5 –piece band needs 4 metres across by 4 metres deep. Although we can sometimes manage with a smaller space this can cause set-up and performance problems. We are happy to liase with a venue when there are space limitations, but please be aware that the dimensions quoted above reflect the minimum comfortable working space.
A: Your venue will need to provide A safe and constant supply of electricity terminating in a minimum of 2 x 13amp sockets on or near the stage area. We have a great deal of heavy equipment so sensible access to the venue will need to be provided. The venue will also need to provide an area where we can change and relax between sets.
A: We are used to working with sound limiters and can adjust our PA to allow for this. Some sound limiters are set at a extremely low level and these can cause performance problems as they are designed to cut the power supply if the set limit is exceeded for more than a few seconds, with consequent disruption to the performance. It is our experience that in some cases venues can be less than honest with their clients regarding noise issues they have, especially in built up areas, and also the suitability of the venue for live music. We will liase with the venue to minimise any problems wherever possible.
A: This depends on the event and style of music. The band normally wear smart black with Sophie in a modern funky outfit for the party band. For a more formal engagement the band can wear black tie with Sophie in a long cocktail dress. For the Jazz and Swing band or for themed events, Sophie can, on request, arrive in original World War II ATS Uniform and 1930s or 40s or 50s evening dress complete with authentic hairstyle, makeup and accessories.
A: Soft drinks and a hot meal are a standard part of all professional event band contracts. The New Breed will often have travelled a considerable distance to your event and will arrive home in the early hours, so hot food is an essential requirement. Please see our hospitality rider for further information.
A: Please phone Sophie on the website number or email us with any questions you have.
A: We perform a small number of events every year for our own chosen charities. Unfortunately we cannot undertake any other free events.
A: A contract will be sent out to you to secure the booking which you will need to sign and return with a £200 deposit.
A: Of course, and as many times as you need to, we know how stressful organising an event can be! Either phone Sophie on the website number or email us with anything you would like to discuss.

Hospitality Rider

A free supply of Soft drinks, mineral water and tea and coffee to be available from arrival, and for the duration of our time at the venue.

A hot meal, preferably served at least 2 hours prior to performance time, for each member of the band and crew, including vegetarian option if required. As the band will often have travelled some distance to attend your event cold food or sandwiches are not accptable. A secure changing and relaxation room with good lighting and preferably with running water, large enough for six people to relax in comfort. Car parking spaces for a minimum of 2 vehicles. Where this is not possible, parking meter or car parking fees incurred by the band and or crew are to be refunded by the client.

Technical Rider

The New Breed provide their own PA system for many events and they also have their own sound engineer. For events where the New Breed are not responsible for the PA system please see our UK technical rider below.

For our overseas rider and any questions you may have please contact Paul on +44 (0)7769 654414

2 x Radio minimum SM 58 or equivalent (Vocals)
1 x SM 58 (Backing Vocals at guitar)
1 x SM 57 (for electric guitar amp)
1 x mono DI for Bass
1 x Bug mic for Sax (if required)

Suitable micing for kit. Comprising 1 x kick, 1 x snare, 1 x hi hats, 1 x rack tom, 1 x floor
tom, 1 x Ride Cymbal, 2 x Crash Cymbals

Suitable experienced front of house PA and Engineers

On stage wedges for Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drum, (+ Optional Sax if required by client)

Ideally no less than 3m deep by 5m wide.
Drum riser if available no less than 2.5m x 2.5m

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